Apple Watch can be connected to Pulsoid with Stromno app

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Pulsoid does not have an Apple Watch app, but you can use Stromno app to stream your heart rate from Apple Watch to Pulsoid account. We've partnered with Stromno to offer users to stream heart rate from Apple Watch and use Pulsoid widgets in OBS for Twitch, YouTube., Facebook, or other platforms. To connect Stromno and Pulsoid accounts you will need a BRO plan subscription(or use a free trial).

Pulsoid will remain focused on chest strap monitors which offer much higher measurement frequency and accuracy. Choose your heart rate monitor for streaming here.

UPD: Other Stromno apps for smartwatches

Apple Watch: Samsung Watch (Tizen): WearOS(Galaxy Watch 4, TicWatch, Fossil):

How to connect the Watch app?

1. Create an account on Stromno and get the app for your Apple Watch / Samsung Watch / WearOS / Fossil/ TicWatch

You will need to create an account on the Stromno website, get the app for your Watch, and make sure your BPM is available in the Stromno Dashboard.

Apple Watch: Samsung Watch (Tizen): WearOS(Galaxy Watch 4, TicWatch, Fossil):

2. Click 'Connect to Pulsoid'

Connect your Pulsoid account and authorize Stromno to write heart rate data into Pulsoid account.

3 Done. Now you can set up Pulsoid widgets, and add them to OBS 💛

Looking for a better way?

Apple Watch measures a heart rate once in 5 seconds, which makes it a worse solution for heart rate streaming than a chest strap or armband heart rate monitor. Other smartwatches have lower accuracy. That's why we recommend using a Heart Rate Monitor from the supported devices list to get higher quality. We believe that accuracy is the most important in heart rate streaming, after all, it's all about the real-time reactions.

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