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Not recommended. How to use Xiaomi Mi Band 3,4,5,6 with Pulsoid app. (miband 7 doesn't work)

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

A lot of people requested Xiaomi MiBands support and we added native support for MiBand devices in the Android app. Note, MiBand has a lower heart rate measurements accuracy and it may degrade the experience. We recommend investing in your streaming setup and purchase a heart rate monitor from the list of heart rate monitors for streaming.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3,4,5,6 can be used as a continuous heart rate monitor and share info with external apps, therefore it can be used with the Pulsoid Android app only. 

NOTE: You shouldn't buy this device for streaming


1. Set up your MiBand in the MiFit Android app.

Make sure you got the MiFit app and the initial setup was finished. Your device should be visible in the list when you open the 'Profile' tab in the MiFit app.

2. Find the band in the Pulsoid app

Open the Pulsoid app, give all required permissions. Your MiBand should be visible. Do you see it? - Awesome! Choose it now. If not - Open MiFit again and make sure the band is visible in the devices list. You might need to start a workout on your band or turn on the discoverable mode in the Mi Fit app. Make sure the Mi Fit app is not actively using your band (e.g. syncing data) when you are trying to connect. 2.2. Turn on workout mode on your band if it's not connecting or doesn't measure heart rate continuously.

3. Connect and configure widgets

After you choose the band, give that app some time to connect, it may take up to one minute. If it doesn't connect, contact us at or Discord After MiBand is connected, open the Pulsoid site to configure your heart rate widgets.

NOTE: You shouldn't buy this device for streaming

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