Pulsoid features description

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

After you read the instruction about how to add a Hear Rate to your stream using Pulsoid you probably want to find out about all the features we have in the service. Pulsoid has a few main parts: widgets configuration, additional tools in the Space, mobile applications. The basic use of the service is free and you can use advanced features with BRO subscription.


  • BPM (beats per minute). Show your pulse, font, color, ranges are configurable.

  • ECG (electrocardiogram curve). Color and thickness are configurable.

  • Pixel animated heart widget

  • Real animated heart

  • Heart animation. Color and transparency can be configured. 🔗

  • Picture BPM widget. Add your own files and configure ranges. 🔗 ➕Add

  • Sound widget. Add your own audio and configure ranges. Run your own sound, alert, music, heartbeat effect when your pulse changes. 🔗 ➕Add

  • Dead by Daylight picture bpm widget.

  • Real-time graph 🔗 ➕Add

  • Red frame overlays 🔗 ➕Add

  • VALORANT themed widget Add

Additional tools:

  • Dashboard. Check your current status and overall statistics.

  • Highlights&Analytics. A column chart with heart rate data for a particular stream or the time range. Get the direct link to the top moments of the stream to share or create clips. 🔗

  • Public Analytic. Share with your community 🔗

  • Export to CSV. Get your data for the time range and run your own analytics. 🔗

  • RSS feed

Mobile application:

  • iOS 🔗

  • Android 🔗

  • Log in with site credentials

  • Connect your monitor

  • See the last update

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