Pulsoid x Stromno partnership. Use Apple Watch, Samsung Watch, WearOS with Pulsoid

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

We are happy to announce the Pulsoid x Stromno partnership. We teamed up to offer our users to use all Pulsoid functionality with Apple Watch. From now, BRO users will be able to stream heart rate from their Apple Watch Stromno app directly to Pulsoid and use all widgets and tools we've built. At the same time, Stromno users access all Pulsoid tools to personalize their widgets and improve users' engagement.

Pulsoid will remain focused on chest belt monitors which offer a higher measurement frequency and accuracy. You can find a supported heart rate monitor in the list.

Stromno is an Apple Watch app for heart rate streaming. We love Stromno because it's neat, takes 1 minute to set up, easy to use, and most important - they wanted to partner with us to bring more value to both Pulsoid and Stromno users. The app is new and some things are still in development, but we hope you will love Stromno as much as we do 💛

Apple Watch: https://apple.co/3ipvIFM Samsung Watch (Tizen): https://bit.ly/3oqt6va WearOS(Galaxy Watch 4, TicWatch, Fossil): https://bit.ly/3A1JHYC

Click "Connect to Pulsoid" in the Stromno Dashboard and authorize Stromno to write heart rate info into the Pulsoid account.

Integration requires an active Pusloid BRO plan. Get it and start using all the awesome features Pulsoid offers, including advanced widgets, automated clips in Discord integration, IFTTT integration, Lumia Stream integration, API, etc!

You can use the Stromno app to measure a heart rate and Pulsoid to set up widgets

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