Pulsoid BRO Plan Is Out

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Get advanced features and support Pulsoid

The most important part of the Pulsoid family is you. That’s why we are working on additional features to offer you more value. Now we are presenting a BRO plan for you, we have a monthly and quarterly plans, a free trial is there for you. Activate your BRO plan on the dashboard. Pulsoid will stay free with all the basic functionality we offer.

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What is new for BROs?

1. Pictures widget

Add your own images, emotes, GIFs, pictures and control ranges of appearing.

More info…

2. Sound widget

Add your own sound, alert, song, screamer and control pulse ranges when it should play.

More info…

3. Real-time graph widget

It shows the heart rate graph for the past 5 minutes of your stream. You can customize color.

More info...


Heart rate graph is now available. Find your stream in the list and check how your BPM changed over time.  + click on peak zone and get the vod’s link with a timestamp to create an awesome clip! More info…

5. Export to CSV

Get heart rate data for up to 24 hours in one file. Build your own statistics and analytics.

More info…

6. Public Analytic

Public Analytic. Generate link and share with your community, friends, doctor. Find top moments together! 🔗

Dead by Daylight picture bpm widget.

Real-time graph 🔗 ➕Add

Red frame overlays 🔗 ➕Add

VALORANT themed widget ➕Add

It’s all that we have for now and it’s free for everyone to try. Request trial on the dashboard. We will add more advanced features really soon! Your bonus - coupon for 10%: blog2020

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