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Updated: Jan 23, 2020

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A lot of users asked for this update and finally, it's ready. A Real-time graph widget is available for BRO plan users now.

The real-time graph shows how your pulse changed for about 5 minutes. It's dynamic! It makes widget special as well as your stream!

How to configure the Real-time graph widget:

1. Use the first link when you have your heart rate monitor connected to the mobile app. Copy and Paste to your OBS(or similar)

2. Use the second link if you want to see the design with testing data (i.e. when your monitor is on it's a way or if you still have any issues with connection)

3. Set up the color for your numbers. Transparency allowed.

4. Choose the font for your numbers. Any name from Google fonts works.

5. Choose the font size for your numbers.

6. Set up the color for the line. Transparency allowed.

7. Do not forget to 'Save' and refresh the Browser source in OBS to use new styles.

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