How to choose a heart rate monitor for Pulsoid

Updated: Jan 26

We are happy you are interested in using Pusloid app and we believe you are looking for a heart rate monitor for Twitch, YouTube, OBS.

The Pusloid has two main requirements that can help to choose the one for your streaming.

  1. Connection type — only BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) monitors are supported now

  2. The form and technologies: chest straps only are supported. Some armbands were reported as supported.

Confirmed monitors:

Pusloid DOES NOT support watches and bracelets( including Fitbit, Apple Watch alternative solution, Samsung gear, etc) or ANT+ only monitors (transmitters).

The list of monitors that were reported as supported by Pulsoid users can be found on Pusloid Discord here.

After the monitor is chosen:

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